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1.Richie Incognito
2.Typhoon Haiyan
3.Twitter IPO
4.Miss Universe
5.Falling Satellite
6.Curved iPhone
7.Olympic Torch in Space
8.USS Gerald Ford
9.Country Music Awards
10.Chris Christie
12.World Series
13.iPad Air
14.Government Shutdown
15.Adrian Peterson Son
16.Kanye on Kimmel
17.SUV Attack
18.Glee Tribute
19.Samsung Galaxy Round
20.Microsoft CEO Search
21.Potbelly IPO
22.iPhone 5c
23.Twitter Files for IPO
24.Typhoon Haiyan
25.Richie Incognito
26.Falling Satellite
27.Miss Universe
28.Curved iPhone
29.Twitter IPO
30.Olympic Torch in Space
31.Hunger Games Catching Fire
32.USS Gerald Ford
33.Blockbuster Closes
34.Star Wars Casting
35.Country Music Awards
36.Chris Christie
37.Terry McAuliffe
38.New York Marathon
39.LAX Shooting
41.World Series
42.Lou Reed Dies
43.iPad Air
44.Government Shutdown
45.Columbus Day
46.Cyclone Phailin
47.Obama and Malala
48.Adrian Peterson Son
49.Kanye on Kimmel
50.SUV Attack
51.Samsung Galaxy Round
52.Zombie Drug
53.Glee Tribute
54.Microsoft CEO Search
55.Potbelly IPO
56.Surface Pro 2
57.Tom Clancy Dies
58.Britney to Las Vegas
59.Carson Daly to Today
60.iPhone 5c
61.Twitter Files for IPO
62.Galaxy Gear Smartwatch
63.Diana Nyad
64.David Frost Dies
65.Microsoft Acquires Nokia
66.Miley Cyrus
67.Video Music Awards
69.Strike on Syria
70.Syria Chemical Weapons
71.Gold iPhone 5S
72.Nidal Hasan
73.New York Times Hacked
74.Steve Ballmer to Leave
75.Bradley Manning Sentenced
76.Ben Affleck as Batman
77.Hannah Anderson
78.James Dimaggio
79.Area 51
80.Jesse Jackson Jr Sentenced
81.Florida Sinkhole
83.Eydie Gorme
84.Nixon Tapes
85.Stem Cell Burger
86.ARod Suspension
87.Bezos Buys Washington Post
89.Strike on Syria
90.Miley Cyrus
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